•     The mission of the PAL Newsletter is to provide SCBWI-MI's traditionally published authors and illustrators with resources that meet their needs. This will include: 1: An article written by a Michigan PAL author or illustrator on craft or experience. 2: Information regarding marketing opportunities. Let's sell those books! 3: Helpful blogs, websites, or articles for continuing education.   SCBWI-MI wants its PAL authors and illustrators to feel supported and connected to each other and it is our hope that this newsletter helps contribute to that. If you are a PAL member and are not receiving the newsletter, please contact PAL Coordinator, Jodi McKay.
  • Illustrator Mentorship 2017-2018   Prize: The grand prize is a one-year mentorship with acclaimed illustrator, Kirbi Fagan. Kirbi has illustrated the covers of more than 50 books, and illustrated the interiors of several series of illustrated chapter books. Kirbi won the Jack Gaughan Award for Best Emerging Artist in 2017 and the Muddy Colors Rising Star Award.   Check out our interview with Kirbi at The Mitten.http://scbwimithemitten.blogspot.com/2017/05/introducing-kirbi-fagen-scbwi-mi-2017.html   Eligibility: The competition is open to all SCBWI members who are Michigan residents unless they are Published and Listed (PAL) illustrators. (PAL writers may apply.) Please contact SCBWI-MI Mentorship Coordinator, Ann Finkelstein, if you have questions about eligibility.    The winner will be announced at the Fall Conference (September 15-16, 2017) You do not have to be present to win.   Submission: One entry per person. The non-refundable entry fee is $20. Each entry will consist of FOUR separate pieces of art that are suitable for picture book or chapter book illustrations, graphic novels or YA or MG book covers. Two of the illustrations should be a page-turn sequence from the same story. Do not sign artwork or put any identifying marks on illustrations. If you have already signed a piece, please block the signature before scanning. The four illustrations should be saved as a single pdf file that is between 1 MB and 3 MB in size. Art should fit on an 8.5 x 11 inch page, either vertically or horizontally. Art should be in full color, finished and ready for publication. Art should be appropriate for and targeted to children or teens. How to name your submission: Think of a brief descriptive title for the first illustration in your series and use it as the title for your saved pdf file. (For example: Girl with a Pearl Earring or The Child’s Bath.) Be kind to your mentorship coordinator and describe the picture. Seated Woman with a Fish Hat is more helpful than Son of Man. You will not be judged on your title. The titles are only used to help keep track of submissions. Do not mention your name in the title.   Judging: Our three super-secret, superstar judges will evaluate artwork for: Vibrancy (understands vibratory quality of chosen palette and the uses of combining/contrasting complimentary colors and varying warm and cool temperatures) Handling of Medium (understands transparency/opacity, patterns, brushwork, use of movement and line quality in design.) Design (composition of the image and design of the page turn). Concept (is there an idea - visual metaphor, conceptual depth; image successful in telling story without text; secondary ideas woven into design) Overall impression (includes originality, suitability for the target audience, and design of the characters, including anatomical consistency)   The mentor will make the final winning selection.                                               All applicants will receive feedback on their artwork from the judges.   Special thanks to Matt Faulkner, Ruth McNally Barshaw and Leslie Helakoski for the judging criteria.   Registration and Submission: The registration and submission window is June 5 - 26, 2017.   When you are ready to register and submit your art, click on the link that will be provided here soon. After you pay the $20 application fee, you will be directed to submission instructions as follows: In the subject line of the email write: Submission: Title (For example, Submission: Ram’s Head with Hollyhock) In the body of the email, write:     Your full name The title of your submission Your email address Your phone number. Attach your pdf to the email. The mentorship coordinator will acknowledge the receipt of your artwork.   Mentorship applicants are welcome to apply for illustrator critiques at the fall conference (September 15 – 16, 2017) and display competition samples at the portfolio showcase.   FAQs Can I enter the competition if I live in MI only during the warmer months? Yes. We don’t discriminate against snowbirds. We’d all escape from Michigan’s winters if we could. Why can’t I sign my artwork? Judging is anonymous. The judges do not know who the contestants are and the contestants do not know who the judges are. Why do I need to submit my art as a pdf? It’s easier for the mentorship coordinator and the judges to keep track of unsigned artwork if the submissions are grouped into one file per applicant. How do I make a pdf file? Acrobat Writer, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Photoshop and other programs save files as pdfs. FedEx will scan four illustrations and save them as single pdf for $8. Why do I have to title my first illustration? The mentorship coordinator and the judges need a way to make sure the scores and the comments are assigned to the correct artwork. See point 3. What if two or more submissions have the same name? The mentorship coordinator will also assign every submission with a submission number. I can’t think of a good title for my first illustration. You will not be evaluated on the name. The purpose of the title is to maintain the sanity of the mentorship coordinator. If I change my mind, can I get the entry fee back? Sorry. Entry fees are non-refundable. Can I register first and upload my art later? Yes, as long as it’s during the submission window. After you register, click on the link to upload your submission. Nothing bad will happen. You’ll find yourself looking at a blank email. Copy and save the address to use when your art is ready. Why do I have to register and upload my art during the submission window? Because I said so. Is it okay to tweet about entering this contest? No. Judging is anonymous. Promoting the contest on social media is great, but please do not mention that you’ve entered. What if I receive a contract for my artwork during the contest? Please contact Mentorship Coordinator, Ann Finkelstein, to receive congratulations and discuss the situation.
  • The Gathering on the Grand fall conference will be held September 15 (intensives and dinner) and 16 (full day of programming) at the Eberhard Center in downtown Grand Rapids, just a short walk from the river and many downtown attractions. We will have a block of rooms at the nearby Holiday Inn.Our featured speaker is two-time Newbery Honor author (and Michigander!) Gary Schmidt. Stay tuned for more developments and to register!
  • To Market, To Market: An interactive, at-a-glance resource of book selling events, SCBWI member book launches and signings, and writer/illustrator contests and awards.   These databases are an easily accessed resource-sharing tool for our members that can be added to, viewed, and downloaded and sorted. SCBWI-MI hopes members will find this information useful in their search for local book festivals, fairs and conferences, as well as member signings and launches, and various awards and contests available to writers and illustrators.   All the information on the spreadsheets is supplied by members. Share relevant information by entering the information in the correct column on the spreadsheet.      SCBWI-MI members have access to the following databases: SCBWI Book Signings and Launches Michigan Book Festivals, Fairs and Conferences Awards and Contests   For questions or help contact Dawne Webber at dawne.webber@gmail.com ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  Here's the link to the Awards and Contests sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tNzBE7-EZsZdC5bwr4JLIzWdSCvMljSGuhCb8EOzRGU/edit?usp=sharing   SCBWI Book Signing and Launches sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xDBsR1sGIzEd-Y2Vh1zClRS9O6V1Ni560A5OBsqk5to/edit?usp=sharing   Michigan Book Festivals, Fairs and Conferences sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iZv_WttXUQtEmk-yLRUsUGbGbOnmsbNkeR8S_d2LXtk/edit?usp=sharing
  • The Mitten is the official blog for the Michigan chapter of SCBWI. Please spread the word and share with anyone interested in reading, writing, and creating quality literature for children and young adults.  http://scbwimithemitten.blogspot.com/ SCBWI-MI members are encouraged to submit blog posts.  What are we looking for? Success stories tips on any aspect of the publishing process - writing, illustrating, promotion, time management, etc. agent/editor interviews photos, personal impressions, and brief overviews of events, such as conferences, meet-ups, book signings, book clubs, festivals, etc. reviews of books on craft We’re also looking for contributions for our ongoing features: Ask Frida Pennabook: Sometimes it's helpful to tap into the expertise of a fellow writer or artist. Got a question? Need advice? Just ask Frida. Hugs and Hurrahs: We want to trumpet your good news! Send 1-3 sentences about your accomplishment. We love to include photos and art, too. Do you have an idea for a blog post or a new feature?  We’d love to hear it! Submission guidelines: Please query Kristin Lenz at kristinbartleylenz@gmail.com. Include a 1-3 sentence bio and any links, art, book covers, or photos to accompany your blog post. (All images must be your personal property or fair use/public domain.)  
  • The Reading List Program includes books of all genres from our PAL authors and illustrators, both front list and backlist titles. This is an opportunity to find that book that a kid or teen will enjoy and can engage with the fun and adventure of reading. Authors and illustrators from close to your hometown to those around the world are featured on the List. The Lists will be published bi-annually, in the Summer and Winter. Access list by clicking HERE!!!!!!  
  • Wouldn't you love to attend a children's book conference without traveling? No airports, hotels, gas stations, or expense reports? No work time lost? Register and view our affordable webinar from the comfort of your home or office — wherever and whenever you have access to a computer. Or join your friends and colleagues who have registered and watch together. "You guided me from ignorantly-intimidated to old-dog-learned-new-trick! Well done! This internet thing might not be so bad."   CLICK HERE TO REGISTER  Children’s Book Industry 101: Terms, Conventions, and How It Works lead by Carrie Pearson and moderated by Leslie Helakoski. Description: A nuts and bolts session for writers and writer/s including standards for traditional publishing (formatting, word counts for categories, conventions, what’s pushy, what’s polite), how the industry works (role of agent vs. editor, publishing houses and what they offer, large house vs. small vs. regional), and how we get paid (advance, royalties).   "You guys absolutely ROCK at putting together great presentations and making them really work! Thank you so much!"   – author, Elizabeth McBride  Illustration credit: Nina Goebel


The strength of SCBWI lies in its individual members. Whether you are a creator, publisher, reviewer, librarian, bookseller, educator, or simply someone with a love of literature and a desire to see the best in the hands of children, we invite you to get to know us better.



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