• Eligibility: The competition is open to unpublished SCBWI members currently residing in Michigan. Authors and illustrators who have published or are under contract for a book with a PAL publisher are ineligible. Members with magazine articles, anthology work or non-PAL books may apply. Applicants must expect to be living in Michigan during the mentorship contract year (2017). SCBWI membership must be maintained throughout the mentorship program. Please contact the program coordinator, Ann Finkelstein, if you have questions about eligibility.              Prize: The grand prize is a one-year mentorship with Deborah Diesen, author of the New York Times best-selling picture book, THE POUT-POUT FISH and its three companion books: THE POUT-POUT FISH IN THE BIG-BIG DARK, THE POUT-POUT FISH GOES TO SCHOOL and THE NOT VERY MERRY POUT-POUT FISH. She has also written three Pout-Pout Fish mini-adventures for babies and young toddlers: SMILE, POUT-POUT FISH, SWEET DREAMS, POUT-POUT FISH and KISS, KISS POUT-POUT FISH. Debbie’s other picture books include: CATCH A KISS, PICTURE DAY PERFECTION and THE BARE-FOOTED, BAD-TEMPERED BABY BRIGADE. Two additional Pout-Pout Fish mini-adventures will come out next year, TRICK OR TREAT, POUT-POUT FISH and HAPPY EASTER, POUT-POUT FISH. In 2017-2018, we can look forward to three more hardcovers by Debbie, all published by Farrar Straus Giroux, BLOOM, THE POUT-POUT FISH FAR, FAR FROM HOME and THE POUT-POUT FISH AND THE BULLY-BULLY SHARK.   Submissions: The submission fee is a nonrefundable $15. One entry per person. The entry must be a complete picture book manuscript of no more than 1000 words. Magazine articles, wordless books and early chapter books are not eligible for consideration. The first 30 manuscripts to be submitted in the correct format will be considered in the competition. The submission window is June 24-July 15, 2016 All submissions will be through Event Brite. The Event Brite site will ask you to upload your submission. The link will lead you to an email address. The subject line for your email should read: Submission PB mentorship In the body of the email, write: Your name The title of your manuscript Your SCBWI membership status The name you used for SCBWI membership, if different from above Your email address Your phone number Your address Attach your manuscript to the email as a Microsoft Word document. Use the following format: Header: write the title of your manuscript and the page number DO NOT put your name on the manuscript. Leave the footer blank. The footer will be used for your identification number. Use 12-point Times New Roman font. Double space Use 1-inch margins. DO NOT send illustrations or a layout dummy.   Anonymity. To ensure an unbiased selection process, the manuscripts will be identified by number, not the author’s name. DO NOT put your name or any other identifying mark on your manuscript. Feel free to announce the mentorship on social media. DO NOT mention that you entered the competition on social media.   Submission Window: June 24-July 15, 2016.   Selection process. Our super-secret, superstar judges will evaluate the entries based on: Appropriateness of style and language Interpretation and development of concept Development of plot Development of characters Illustratable text Overall impression and originality Judges will also make brief comments they feel will be helpful to the entrant in strengthening the manuscript. The mentor will make the final selection.   Winners will be announced at the Fall Retreat, October 7-9, 2016.  Applicants need not be present to win.   Read more about the SCBWI-MI mentorship and its past winners and mentors.   FAQs: How much does it cost to enter?  $15 How do I pay the $15? By Pay Pal through the Event Brite site between June 24 and July 15, 2016. I don’t have a Pay Pal account. Can I pay with a check and send in the mail? No. You can pay via Pay Pal as a guest. Don’t worry; it’s easy. Do I have to be a member of SCBWI? Yes. Do I have to live in Michigan? Yes. When can I enter? The submission window is June 24-July 15, 2016. Will I be notified when my manuscript has been received and is being considered? Yes. Mentorship Coordinator, Ann Finkelstein, will confirm receipt of manuscripts. Can I enter a non-fiction manuscript? Manuscripts will be judged on plot. If your non-fiction manuscript has a plot (a biography or other non-fictional story), you can enter. Please do not enter non-fiction manuscripts that have no plot. Can I send a hard copy of my manuscript instead of using Event Brite? No. Do I have to use Event Brite to apply? Yes. How long do I have between registering for the mentorship and uploading my manuscript? 24 hours. Exactly what do you mean by anonymous submissions? Don’t put your name on the manuscript and don’t announce on social media that you are entering. Can I enter if I already have a PAL book under contract? No. What happens if I’m offered a contract while the evaluation process is going on? Contact Mentorship Coordinator, Ann Finkelstein to receive congratulations and discuss the situation. After I registered, Event Brite sent me a ticket. What do I do with it? Think of the ticket as a souvenir.
  • The Wild Wild Midwest SCBWI Conference announced these SCBWI members and winners in the Manuscript Contest: Lisa Katzenberger, Illinois, picture book; Christina Vagenius, Indiana, middle grade novel; Kristin Lenz, Michigan, young adult novel; and Amanda Caverzasi, Illinois, nonfiction.   Runners-up included: Tara Luebbe, South Carolina, picture book; Mary Sandford, Illinois, middle grade novel; Kelsi Turner, Minnesota, nonfiction.   Winners and,  in some categories, runners-up won the invitation to submit additional projects, or a full novel manuscript.  Many thanks to our judges Karl Jones, Wendy Loggia, Viana Siniscalchi, and Kathleen Merz.   The conference was held April 30-May 1 in Naperville, IL.  
  • The Mitten is the official blog for the Michigan chapter of SCBWI. Please spread the word and share with anyone interested in reading, writing, and creating quality literature for children and young adults.  http://scbwimithemitten.blogspot.com/ SCBWI-MI members are encouraged to submit blog posts.  What are we looking for? Success stories tips on any aspect of the publishing process - writing, illustrating, promotion, time management, etc. agent/editor interviews photos, personal impressions, and brief overviews of events, such as conferences, meet-ups, book signings, book clubs, festivals, etc. reviews of books on craft We’re also looking for contributions for our ongoing features: Ask Frida Pennabook: Sometimes it's helpful to tap into the expertise of a fellow writer or artist. Got a question? Need advice? Just ask Frida. Hugs and Hurrahs: We want to trumpet your good news! Send 1-3 sentences about your accomplishment. We love to include photos and art, too. Do you have an idea for a blog post or a new feature?  We’d love to hear it! Submission guidelines: Please query Kristin Lenz at kristinbartleylenz@gmail.com. Include a 1-3 sentence bio and any links, art, book covers, or photos to accompany your blog post. (All images must be your personal property or fair use/public domain.)  
  • Michigan Road Trip Retreat Boyne Highlands Resort, Harbor Springs, Michigan October 7-9, 2016   This retreat is for experienced writers and illustrators. Sample work must be submitted and accepted to attend in one of three tracks: novel, picture book or illustration. One editor and three published authors per track will work with small groups of attendees to dig deep into works in progress. An art director will head up the illustration track. Join us in this beautiful setting with inspiration, guidance and time to create. Attendance is limited!  
  • The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations, compiled by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong. Celebrate all year long with poems for 156 holidays, in English and in Spanish. Michigan author Buffy Silverman contributed poems about Passover and National Farmers' Market Week to this anthology.   www.buffysilverman.com         Trail of Secrets by Laura Wolfe The Foxwoode Riding Academy brochure hadn’t mentioned anything about the girl who vanished four years earlier. While the other girls laugh over the story of the dead girl who haunts Foxwoode, Brynlei senses that the girl—or her ghost—lurks in the shadows. Someone soon discovers Brynlei’s search for answers and will go to any length to stop her. As Brynlei begins to unravel the truth, she is faced with an impossible choice. Will she protect a valuable secret? Or save a life? www.AuthorLauraWolfe.com     Uh-Oh! by Shutta Crum   From the team behind the critically acclaimed picture book Mine!  (Shutta Crum & Patrice Barton) comes a book celebrating the wonders of a day at the beach and that other favorite word of any young child, "Uh-Oh!" Perfect for toddlers, this is a tale of two friends and the events that lead up to one really big "Uh-Oh!"   www.shutta.com   The Passover Surprise by Janet Ruth Heller Lisa and her little brother Jon enjoy collecting stamps. But when their father holds a contest to decide who will get a new stamp album, Lisa has to solve a difficult problem. This middle-grade fiction chapter book takes place around 1960 and includes details about Jewish soldiers’ experiences during World War II and early stages of the Civil Rights Movement. The Passover Surprise (Fictive Press, 2015) by Janet Ruth Heller (http://www.janetruthheller.com/) also portrays a Jewish family celebrating Sabbath and Passover. A Discussion Guide enables families and classes to discuss related issues: sibling rivalry, bullying, favoritism, discrimination, and Jewish traditions. http://www.janetruthheller.com   Cheer for Chlorine! Discovering Chlorine's Many Uses, illustrated by Mallette Pagano Summertime has arrived and Jay is ready to hit the pool. He dives in but is surprised by how much his eyes hurt. Jay asks Kayla, his big sister, about the stinging and learns all the ways that chlorine makes a difference in the world. The everyday language and fun activities in Cheer for Chlorine! help kids understand this important element and encourage kids to be excited about chemistry. http://mallettedesign.com     Dragon Fire by Gilbert B. Cross The Elvin King, Ereborn, is dying from a poisoned spear thrust.  His only chance of recovery is a magical cauldron, which cures all wounds but has not been seen in many years. The wizard, Zugjans, has found an ancient prophecy stating only a mortal youth can guide them to the cauldron. He sends for Bryan, son of Sîon.  Zugjans believes the cauldron lies in the hoard of the fearful dragon, Huzdraka.  Bryan must recover it.  A group of elves has also been recruited by the wizard but, although they have special skills, it cannot be said that they are the most friendly of comrades. www.Gilbertcross.com   Chocolate Milk, Por Favor by Maria Dismondy Johnny is a big fan of school but that all changes when the new kid, Gabe arrives. Gabe doesn’t speak any English, and that doesn’t stop Johnny from going out of his way to be unkind. What will Johnny do when Gabe starts to make new friends? Will he join in the fun of making a new friend or turn the other way? Johnny realizes a powerful message in this story where empathy and inclusion teach us that actions speak louder than words. Read to find out how chocolate milk plays a major role in the discovery of the real universal language. www.mariadismondy.com   Nain Rouge: The Red Legend by Josef Bastian The times are hard and getting harder by the minute. An urban legend tells of the Nain Rouge, who appears as a harbinger of doom. The sightings are growing more frequent every day. What will two unsuspecting teenagers do when they come face to face with source of all this trouble? What will Elly and Tom do when they meet the mysterious and dangerous Nain Rouge? Is it too late to save the city and themselves? www.folktellerstories.com   The Grumpy Bull by Adrienne Noel The Grumpy Bull follows a bull as he makes fun of every animal that is different from him. In the end, he learns a valuable lesson. This story has a wonderful message for children as well as adults. Everyone is different and special in their own way. You do not have to be the same as everyone else. It is all right to be different. That is what makes you unique! www.adrienne-noel.com       A Wish of One Good Deed by Adrienne Noel   A Wish of One Good Deed is about doing a good deed and asking to pay the deed forward.  It is written in rhyme and colorfully illustrated.  It begins with a squirrel's wish and the story comes full circle.  The squirrel can not believe his wish came true!   www.adrienne-noel.com       The Young GeEK's Guide to Getting Outside by Lori Taylor   Get kids wild and into the dirt with ten-year old HOLLY WILD as she and her pals take young cousins on an alphabet adventure into their WILD BACKYARD! This rhyming read-aloud, perfect for naptime or playtime, is for young Geo-Explorers ages 2—6! Packed with fun body smart prompts, Backyard BINGO Scavenger Hunt and more, this HOLLY WILD picture book will be sure to get lil GeEKs outside and INTO scat, tracks, and DIRT!   www.loritaylorart.com       Westward to Oregon illustrated by Lori Eslick   The main character finds out in a hurry that she had practiced a powerful skill when on the wagon trail her parents found in a medical emergency all hands need to help, regardless of their age. Skills and talents as well as having a tough character built up helped the new settlers Westward to Oregon wagon trains .   www.EslickART.com       How the Cardinal Got His Red Feathers illustrated by Lori Eslick   Being teased for being a plain brown color, a cardinal started to wash the brown off of his body with a red stain. And found that by helping others, he found that there was a helpful solution to change his colors too.   www.EslickART.com         The Girl Who Would Not Listen to Her Elders illustrated by Lori Eslick   The title of this folktale tells something about the main character. She does not listen to her elders, or grown-ups, and that gets her into trouble.   www.EslickART.com         I See Reality, including a story by Patrick Flores-Scott Patrick's story, The Good Brother, is included among a collection of twelve original short stories by top authors exploring real issues for real teens. Through prose and comics alike, these heart-pounding short stories for young adults ask hard questions about a range of topics from sexuality and addiction to violence and immigration. Here is the perfect tool for starting tough discussions or simply as an introduction to realistic literary fiction. In turns funny, thought-provoking, and heartbreaking, I See Reality will resonate with today's teens long after the last page has been turned. patrickfloresscott.com   Faded by Melanie Hooyenga Biz didn’t think life could get worse after the tragic events that surrounded her last flicker, but when she accidentally flickers on her eighteenth birthday after doing shots of vodka—she’s forced to face the consequences of her actions in a way she never imagined. When an anonymous email threatens to reveal her secret, Biz must decide if flickering is all it’s cracked up to be, or if she needs to stop. Forever.  www.melaniehoo.com     Over the Falls in a Suitcase by Kathy Vincenz During a visit to Niagara Falls with their mom for a girl's weekend, Lindsey's indecision and her sisters' constant bickering lead them into mishaps, including hidden dogs, stolen hats, and cute boys. Finally, Lindsey learns to take charge and keep her family together.  squirrelsatthedoor.com       Dino-Swimming by Lisa Wheeler The Land Sharks take on the Algae Eaters in a dino-swimming showdown! Raptor and Stegosaurus start it off in the individual medley, while the Ptero twins battle it out in the butterfly race. Then Galli and Diplo wow the crowd with their flips and tricks off the diving board! But which team will win the swim meet? It comes down to the last event, the backstroke. Both Stego and Galli think they'll take the prize. Let's hope these dinos remembered their goggles this swim meet is bound to make a splash! www.lisawheelerbooks.com   Show Me Happy by Kathryn Madeline Allen Show Me Happy “shows” early learners simple actions and concepts that all children learn as they begin to socialize and communicate. Lively, charming photos by Eric Futran illustrate real kids doing common activities like helping and sharing or pushing and pulling. The brightly-colored picture book is a delightful read-aloud that makes any story time with preschool or early-elementary children expressive and fun. www.kmabooks.com   The Song of Delphine written and illustrated by Kenneth Kraegel A lonely servant girl finds solace in song—and unexpected long-necked friends at her window—in an utterly charming tale of kindness rewarded. www.kennethkraegel.com       Pele by LeAnn Mathis   A mysterious woman appears at the Place of Refuge with no memory of her past. The priest, Lono, wants to help her, but the chief, Hala'api just wants her for himself - especially after he sees her affinity to fire. As priest turns against chief, the Island chills.            Writing and ADHD by Stephanie Neilan   From coming up with ideas to final edits, tips and advice to help any writer finish their projects. Even those with ADHD.             Kindergartners Read! by Stephanie Neilan   Fictional Short Story Collection - Each story uses "sight words" (words a Kindergartner should know by sight by the end of the year) and emphasizes  a specific "word chunk" (letters that are often grouped together). Questions are included with each tale to test comprehension and make connections between their lives and what they read.      Hens for Friends illustrated by Amelia Hansen Can a hen be a boy’s best friend? Aarón thinks so! Hens are sweet and smart, as Aarón explains in this picture
book about his loving relationship with Margaret, a Rhode Island Red hen.
Young readers will find out that chickens can solve problems and recognize people they’ve met, and will also learn about the benefits and obligations of responsible stewardship of backyard hens. www.ameliahansen.com         Halle Weenie by Amiee Entwistle Halle Weenie is a story about a beautiful sweet toothed witch who dreams of having green icky teeth.  She will go as far as to take candy from a sweet little boy named Eliot.  But when Halle realizes the error of her ways, she repays Eliot with a special gift for all the candy she ate and promotes healthy eating for all little ones.   www.halleweenie.com     Backyard Witch : Book #1 : Sadie’s Story illustrated by Deborah Marcero A chapter book for newly independent readers and fans of Ivy + Bean and Clementine. The first of a new series, starring three young girls and a mysterious visitor who appears exactly when you need her—with just the right amount of magic. deborahmarcero.com     The Boy Next Door, by Katie Van Ark   Maddy Spier's been in love with the boy next door forever. As his figure skating partner she spends time in his arms every day. But she’s also seen his arms around other girls—lots of other girls. How can she make him realize that they can be partners off the ice as well? Katievanark.com   Blood Stitches, by Erin Fanning   Nineteen-year-old Gabby and her best friend Frank travel to the Mayan underworld to destroy a series of magical tapestries, knitted by Gabby’s sister, capable of an apocalyptic disaster.   www.erinfanning.com           Sweet Dreams, Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen, illustrated by Dan Hanna (January 2015)   In this mini-adventure board book, Mr. Fish gets ready for bed.  It’s a short and simple story (just twelve pages long, with a few words per page) and is meant for babies and young toddlers.    http://deborahdiesen.com/books/sweetdreams/           Kiss, Kiss, Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen, illustrated by Dan Hanna (December 2015)   In this mini-adventure board book, Mr. Fish learns that there are plenty of ways to express love. It’s a short and simple story (just twelve pages long, with a few words per page) and is meant for babies and young toddlers.    http://deborahdiesen.com/books/kisskiss/         Hide-and-Seek, Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen, illustrated by Dan Hanna (January 2015)   In this lift-the-tab board book for toddlers, Mr. Fish plays hide-and-seek with all his friends in the ocean.  The pages have tabbed edges, and each set of pages has multiple flaps to lift.    http://deborahdiesen.com/books/hideandseek/           The Not Very Merry Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen, illustrated by Dan Hanna (September 2015)   In this holiday picture book, Mr. Fish goes in search of perfect gifts for all of his friends.  When his shopping efforts are unsuccessful, Mr. Fish is certain he has let all his friends down.  But, with a little help, Mr. Fish makes presents, and he discovers that the best gifts of all come straight from the heart.    http://deborahdiesen.com/books/notverymerry/       Firebears The Rescue Team board book  by Rhonda Gowler Greene      The hard-working firebears at Fire Station Number Eight have a very(!) busy day rescuing a scaredy cat stuck up a tree, putting out a blaze at a store on Poplar Street, and also squelching a house fire.  These humble heroes are... “always ready at the scene-- Firebears the rescue team!”      www.rhondagowlergreene.com       Only God Can Make a Kitten by Rhonda Gowler Greene      In this warm-hearted and lyrical story, a little boy, full of wonder, asks his mama who makes a tiny seed, a curled-up kitten, the salty sea, the plip-plop rain, a purple plum, the sparkle stars, and more.       www.rhondagowlergreene.com          Flight of Megizzewas by Karen Trolenberg   This delightful children’s picture book follows a day in the life of a bald eagle named Megizzewas as he soars above iconic Northern Michigan scenery. The lush landscape, colorful birds and woodland animals are beautifully illustrated by award-winning wildlife artist, Christopher Smith. As Megizzewas returns to his nest for the night, settle into your own cozy bed and sleep well… dreaming of your favorite Michigan locations and holding your fondest Michigan memories in your heart. karentrolenberg.com     I Had a Favorite Hat  by Boni Ashburn, illustrated by Robyn Ng     The narrator of this charming picture book loves her summer hat, but as the seasons change, her hat isn’t always appropriate for every occasion. She must use her crafting skills to turn the hat into a work of art, perfect for every season and holiday. Featuring the same characters from the first book, I Had a Favorite Dress, along with the hip, eye-catching art style that won it so many fans, this book is perfect for young crafters and their stylish parents. www.boniashburn.com   Sheep Go to Sleep by Nancy Shaw, illustrated by Margot Apple The adventurous sheep have sailed a pirate ship, blasted into space, and driven a jeep. This time they're tucked in for the night, but they can't settle down. A trusty collie wanders by and knocks himself out helping them. A hug, a lullaby, a quilt--it's a countdown to dreamland. nancyshawbooks.com                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • Wouldn't you love to attend a children's book conference without traveling? No airports, hotels, gas stations, or expense reports? No work time lost? Register and view our affordable webinar from the comfort of your home or office — wherever and whenever you have access to a computer. Or join your friends and colleagues who have registered and watch together. "You guided me from ignorantly-intimidated to old-dog-learned-new-trick! Well done! This internet thing might not be so bad."   CLICK HERE TO REGISTER  Children’s Book Industry 101: Terms, Conventions, and How It Works lead by Carrie Pearson and moderated by Leslie Helakoski. Description: A nuts and bolts session for writers and writer/s including standards for traditional publishing (formatting, word counts for categories, conventions, what’s pushy, what’s polite), how the industry works (role of agent vs. editor, publishing houses and what they offer, large house vs. small vs. regional), and how we get paid (advance, royalties).   "You guys absolutely ROCK at putting together great presentations and making them really work! Thank you so much!"   – author, Elizabeth McBride  Illustration credit: Nina Goebel
  • Here is some exciting new content from SCBWI Headquarters about the book launch parties!   "The Book Launch Parties have been available for less than a week, and already we have over 275 people signed up to launch their new book. As we look at their completed parties pages, they are smart, creative and interesting with lots of unique content.    To drive traffic to the site on December 1, we are engaged in a multi-platform marketing campaign.  Look for space ads on December 1 and 3 in PW's Children's Bookshelf, online Kirkus and online School Library Journal.  We've built mailing lists of all the significant bloggers in the kidlitosphere, head librarians across the country, and every possible reading association.  We will be sending out a Facebook/Twitter kit to all Book Launch Party hosts to remind members to visit the site often and buy books. This program is a chance for SCBWI to make a significant impact on the success of our members.   One additional note.  We have developed a vocabulary to use when we speak about the Book Launch Parties. The twitter hashtag will be #SCBWIparty.  The party giver will be called The Host, the visitors will be referred to as Party-Goers, and the party itself, The Party Page.  After the Launch Season, the party page will come down at Sunset. We're working hard to perfect a vocabulary that is at once professional, fun and positive."   A note from Dawne Webber, SCBWI-MI PAL Coordinator:   By now, you've probably heard of Book Launch Parties (BLP), SCBWI's newest tool to help members promote, market, and sell their books. SCBWI has put many resources behind this program and expects publishers and agents to incorporate Book Launch Parties as part of their promotional efforts. Many best-selling authors and illustrators are launching their books in the December BLP, so you'll be in great company and your book will have a chance to appear online with the best of the best.    For the inaugural launch any book published in 2015 is eligible. The book party pages will remain on the site until the Spring party launches in April. You're encouraged not only to purchase a page, but to make it spectacular. Remember the more unique the content, the more enticing your page will be to visitors. Get creative! Get weird! Have fun with it!    A BLP may be purchased for $25 and you may choose from seventeen available templates. For an additional $75, SCBWI will design a page for you. The big launch party day is December 1st so you have approximately one month to choose a template and design your launch page. Best of all, each page will have a direct link for visitors to buy the book either from Amazon, Indie Bound or the author’s or publisher’s websites just in time for the holidays.   To get started, log into your home page at scbwi.org. Go to your profile and click My Launch Party in the left-hand column.   To preview the beautiful templates visit: www.scbwi.org/blp-template-grid/   Looking forward to seeing everyone's pages!

The strength of SCBWI lies in its individual members. Whether you are a creator, publisher, reviewer, librarian, bookseller, educator, or simply someone with a love of literature and a desire to see the best in the hands of children, we invite you to get to know us better.



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