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  • Longtime SCBWI MI member, award-winning author, and mentor, Shutta Crum is offering her  SCBWI Annual Winter Conference Shutta Crum Scholarship once again. The deadline for applying is tight. Here are the details: (open to current Michigan members only) This scholarship will fund one Michigan SCBWI member's tuition for attendance at the Annual SCBWI Winter Conference at the Grand Hyatt at Central Grand Station in New York, NY. Dates: February 8-10, 2019. (Info: Early bird registration starts on October 23rd. The scholarship amount is for the cost of early bird member registration. The chapter will provide an additional $200 towards transportation costs. Applicant must: --have been an SCBWI-MI member for a minimum of three years. --have not had more than two books published by a publisher-member of the Children's Book Council. --not have been an awardee of this scholarship in previous years. --not have attended a National SCBWI conference in either LA or New York in any previous year. (A former RA attending a national conference in his/her capacity as an RA is excepted.) --submit the necessary form/information via email to Leslie Helakoski at: leslie  AT  helakoskibooks  DOT  com.   Starting NOW! (offer will end Oct 26) --not currently be a member of SCBWI-MI Chapter Advisory or a Non-Advisory Committee The winning applicant will: --be chosen at random by an appointed member of the SCBWI-MI AdCom from all qualifying applicants. (In time to register before the end of the “early bird” period.) --be notified BY PHONE.  (Please include your phone number!). If the winner is unreachable by telephone the winner will be notified by email and must respond to that email within 36 hours or a new winner will be selected. --be mailed a check for reimbursement of the registration fee (Not to exceed the cost of the early-bird registration fee.), once the winner can supply proof of his/her registration and $200 towards transportation costs. --be responsible for notifying SCBWI-MI co-Regional Advisors in a timely manner if he/she cannot, in fact, attend. In such case, the winning applicant hereby states that he/she will refund to the organization any monies he/she was awarded. (NOTE: if time allows, a replacement awardee will be chosen at random from qualifying applicants.) To apply, all the information below must be provided in an email to Leslie Helakoski at leslie  AT  helakoskibooks  DOT  com by October 26. (Feel free to copy and paste this form.) Failure to include any said information will result in disqualification. NAME:_______________________ ADDRESS:_____________________________________________________________ PHONE: _____________________________________________________________ EMAIL: ______________________________________________________________ I have read and agree to the above criteria. I believe I qualify for the SCBWI Annual Winter Conference Shutta Crum Scholarship for 2019. By signing this, I acknowledge that I will register in a timely fashion should I be awarded the scholarship, and I will notify SCBWI-MI in a timely fashion should I not be able to use the scholarship so that another member may be chosen. Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ______________________ Michigan - SCBWI, 4727 Wilsh  
  • Do you wonder how you can get on an art director’s or editor’s radar? Mailing a promotional postcard on a regular basis is the simplest self-promotion an illustrator can do! Maybe you have good intentions to send several postcards a year, but end up falling short. Wouldn’t it be easier if you were pleasantly prodded and cheered on by your peers? Join SCBWI Michigan illustrators in sending quarterly mailings on Feb. 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and Nov. 1st.   NEXT STEPS To participate, e-mail us at saying you are up for the challenge. Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome e-packet about the basics of promotional mailings and next steps, along with a digital badge you can use to share the news of our challenge. Check the MichKids listserv, social media, and The Mitten blog because SCBWI-MI illustrators Kirbi Fagan, Kara Marsee and Deb Pilutti will share printing resources, production tips, encouragement and success stories over the coming weeks. (BE SURE TO CONNECT ON THESE PLATFORMS! For more information on how, click HERE.) You can share your postcards on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag: #4outthedoor. We look forward to seeing what you create! Special shout-out to Kirbi Fagan for creating the 4 Out the Door logo and illustration.
  • Information coming soon!
  • SCBWI-MI ran two mentorships this year. Both were for novels. One mentorship was open to Published And Listed (PAL) members and the other was open to full and associate members.   The winner of the PAL novel mentorship with Leslie Connor is Kristin Bartley Lenz with her novel, The Door Swings Open. Eleven PAL members entered this competition. Congratulations, Kristin!   The winner of the non-PAL novel mentorship with Kelly Barson is Danielle DeFauw with her novel, Victory Stumbles. Fifteen full or associate members entered this competition. Congratulations, Danielle!   The novels were evaluated on appropriateness of style, language and diction for intended audience, development of theme or concept, development of plot, development of characters, pacing, and overall impression and originality. Many thanks to the super-secret, superstar judges for their time and expertise.   For questions about future mentorships, please contact Ann Finkelstein, SCBWI-MI Mentorship Coordinator.
  •  Whether you are an established author/illustrator or you're releasing your debut book, marketing is essential to your books’ success. This reference was designed for SCBWI members only to provide you with information on how and where you can market your work.   Click here to access our members-only book promotion page. Click here to access a list of indie bookstores in Michigan. Please frequent these great venues often.   Good luck and know that we are very proud of YOU! Slider art credit: M. Cody Wiley  
  • The mission of the PAL Newsletter is to provide SCBWI-MI's traditionally published authors and illustrators with resources that meet their needs. This will include: 1: An article written by a Michigan PAL author or illustrator on craft or experience. 2: Information regarding marketing opportunities. Let's sell those books! 3: Helpful blogs, websites, or articles for continuing education. SCBWI-MI wants its PAL authors and illustrators to feel supported and connected to each other and it is our hope that this newsletter helps contribute to that. If you are a PAL member and are not receiving the newsletter, please contact PAL Coordinator, Jodi McKay.
  • The Mitten is the official blog for the Michigan chapter of SCBWI. Please spread the word and share with anyone interested in reading, writing, and creating quality literature for children and young adults. SCBWI-MI members are encouraged to submit blog posts.  What are we looking for? Success stories tips on any aspect of the publishing process - writing, illustrating, promotion, time management, etc. agent/editor interviews photos, personal impressions, and brief overviews of events, such as conferences, meet-ups, book signings, book clubs, festivals, etc. reviews of books on craft We’re also looking for contributions for our ongoing features: Ask Frida Pennabook: Sometimes it's helpful to tap into the expertise of a fellow writer or artist. Got a question? Need advice? Just ask Frida. Hugs and Hurrahs: We want to trumpet your good news! Send 1-3 sentences about your accomplishment. We love to include photos and art, too. Do you have an idea for a blog post or a new feature?  We’d love to hear it! Submission guidelines: Please query Kristin Lenz at Include a 1-3 sentence bio and any links, art, book covers, or photos to accompany your blog post. (All images must be your personal property or fair use/public domain.)  
  • Wouldn't you love to attend a children's book conference without traveling? No airports, hotels, gas stations, or expense reports? No work time lost? Register and view our affordable webinar from the comfort of your home or office — wherever and whenever you have access to a computer. Or join your friends and colleagues who have registered and watch together. "You guided me from ignorantly-intimidated to old-dog-learned-new-trick! Well done! This internet thing might not be so bad."   CLICK HERE TO REGISTER  Children’s Book Industry 101: Terms, Conventions, and How It Works lead by Carrie Pearson and moderated by Leslie Helakoski. Description: A nuts and bolts session for writers and writer/s including standards for traditional publishing (formatting, word counts for categories, conventions, what’s pushy, what’s polite), how the industry works (role of agent vs. editor, publishing houses and what they offer, large house vs. small vs. regional), and how we get paid (advance, royalties).   "You guys absolutely ROCK at putting together great presentations and making them really work! Thank you so much!"   – author, Elizabeth McBride  Illustration credit: Nina Goebel


The strength of SCBWI lies in its individual members. Whether you are a creator, publisher, reviewer, librarian, bookseller, educator, or simply someone with a love of literature and a desire to see the best in the hands of children, we invite you to get to know us better.


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