2018-2019 Novel Mentorship Program

We’re delighted to announce that SCBWI-MI will hold TWO novel mentorship competitions next year.


You will need a complete draft of your novel to enter either competition.


The Non-PAL mentorship with author Kelly Barson

This mentorship is open to full and associate SCBWI members who live in Michigan.

Kelly’s books will make you laugh and cry. They’ll show you the truth. They may even give you a glimpse inside yourself. Kelly is also a fabulous teacher. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity.

The submission window will be in June 2018.


The PAL mentorship with author Leslie Connor

This mentorship is open to PAL SCBWI members who live in Michigan.

Leslie is the author of three MG novels, two YA novels and a picture book. Leslie’s books are written with so much heart that they’re likely to break the reader’s heart as well. This mentorship is fabulous opportunity for PAL writers.

The submission window will be in April 2018.



  1. What does PAL stand for? Published And Listed. Defined by SCBWI, these are books published by traditional publishing houses that do not charge money to authors or illustrators.
  2. How do I figure out if I’m a PAL member? That depends on whether you’re published.

    • If you are pre-published, you are an associate member.
    • If you are published, it depends on the publisher.
    • If your publisher is on this list of traditional publishers, you are a PAL member.
    • If your publisher is not on that list, you are a full member. 
  3. What if my membership status listed on the SCBWI website is incorrect? Refer to this page on www.scbwi.org to determine if you are a PAL member and then contact SCBWI by email and explain the situation.
  4. What if my novel isn’t done? Now is a good time to finish it.
  5. What will I need to submit? The first 10 pages and a synopsis.
  6. Where are the details about how to enter? Submission instructions will be posted on the SCBWI-MI website a few weeks before each submission window. Reminders will be posted on MichKids, Facebook and in one of these emails that goes to everyone. We’ll also have interviews with the mentors on the Mitten blog.
  7. Why are you announcing this now? The submission windows aren’t for months. See point 4.
  8. Can I apply if I live in Michigan for only part of the year? Sure.