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Welcome to SCBWI- Michigan Equity and Inclusion webpage! We commit to our role in meeting the needs of members through service and opportunities. The E & I Team is energized to create a stronger SCBWI-MI community that includes, engages, and embraces disparate voices. So glad you’re here!


**If you have an idea for how we can better create a safe and productive creative space for all members, please use our Virtual Suggestion Box! Click HERE to add a suggestion.**



We welcome and celebrate writers, illustrators, and translators who represent a broad spectrum of backgrounds and who seek to create quality literature for young people that reflect the lives of all children.



We understand the power of children seeing themselves represented in books. Such equitable reading experiences lead to empathy, understanding, and respect. We must implement initiatives that will address issues of inclusivity, accessibility, and belonging for our children’s literature community that will, in turn, help us write books for all children. As Lin Oliver has stated, “Our members create books that will influence what kind of adults children grow up to be and how they see themselves reflected in the world.”


To better serve our whole SCBWI-MI community, we choose to bring about change. To that end, we commit to the following principles: INCLUDE, ENGAGE, EMBRACE.


  • INCLUDE underrepresented and/or marginalized communities in children’s literature who are an essential part of our SCBWI-MI membership.


  • ENGAGE our members, communities, and accomplices by identifying resources and support and by providing professional-growth activities.


  • EMBRACE all interested parties by making SCBWI-MI a welcoming and safe place to better nurture and support communication and networking opportunities within the disparate voices of our members, the community, and potential members. Together, we craft a new and better organizational story.

The E & I Team has many initiatives underway and is always open to new ideas. Check them out: Click Here

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Announcing the Own Voices, Own Stories Award hosted by Sleeping Bear Press

We’re thrilled to introduce Sleeping Bear Press’s Own Voices, Own Stories Award, launching in 2021. The Own Voices, Own Stories Award will be offered annually to a children’s picture book manuscript by a BIPOC or LGBTQ author with the intention of recognizing and amplifying new and diverse voices with unique perspectives. With this award, we hope to reach a more inclusive audience of children. Follow Sleeping Bear Press on social media for updates!



Here is a link to the latest 2020 La Cometa Bulletin- La Cometa
There is a brief summary in English and Spanish and a new section to explore US KidLit in Spanish, written by the Peruvian and US member, Mariana.