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Children's Book Writers
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Quality Website References:

The Children’s Book Council – Updated regularly, organized as to your interest, content-rich throughout.

Harold’s Purple Crayon – Editor Underdown’s viewpoint of the children’s book business and news of internal changes. Best known perhaps for his column “Who’s moving where,” tracking editors as they move from house to house. Many of Laura Belgrave’s articles from “The Slush Pile” are now here.

Institute for Children’s Literature – Lots of basic –and not so basic information about writing for children including writing tips, the writing life …as they call it “RX for Writers.” Interviews with editors, authors –and transcripts on this site. Chatroom. These are the people who advertise “We’re looking for people to write children’s books” and offer a course on writing for children.

Timeless .PDF Downloadable Advice:

10 FAQs About Children’s Book Publishing by Michal Koontz

Advice About Agents by Ann Tompert

Dummies for Smarties by Sarah S. Brannen

The Art (and the Pain) of Writing and Revising: Power Revision by Brenda Shannon Yee

Practical Questions to Consider When Setting Up a Critique Group compiled by D. Omari

Seventeen Minds Trying to Catch Up With One: A Checklist to Help Us Critique Own Own Manuscripts compiled by Jane Yolen’s Centrum ’81 Students

School Visit Tips: Wide-eyed and Curious: Working with Young Children in Groups by Shutta Crum