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Children's Book Writers
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Member Perks

What benefits are only available to Michigan SCBWI members?

Each year the SCBWI presents grants, awards, and scholarships to SCBWI members.

Eligibility for our Mentorship Program

Discounts to SCBWI-MI conferences and eligibility for conference scholarships

FREE regional meet-ups around the state called Shop Talks.

Early registration for workshops and conferences

Participation in our private SCBWI-MI Illustrator’s Facebook page. To connect to this page, click here.

Adding Promotional Additional Link to your Speaker and Member Profile

Please note: subscription (through Google Groups) to our Listserv is open to all SCBWI members, but most frequently used by Michigan members. Subscribe to Mich-Kids and you’ll get in on the conversation with many Michigan members as we share info about writing and illustrating, individual news, and upcoming events.

Important reminders

If you are published under a pseudonym, please provide that information to SCBWI when you join, or update your membership information to include your pseudonym. It makes it much easier for us to identify you and link you with your books.

The SCBWI International website provides a wealth of information: Monthly contests, chat boards, opportunities, connections. Be sure to make full use of it!