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There are many ways to connect on-line with friendly and welcoming SCBWI-Michigan members. If you aren’t connected today, jump in! You can like our SCBWI-MI Facebook page, be part of the new and improved Discussion Boards, and join Michigan’s listserv (Michkids). Keep reading to find out more and learn how to connect to your on-line community.


Please note that SCBWI is dedicated to providing a safe and harassment free environment for our members both in person and online. To that end, we’ve enabled moderation on all our social media accounts, including this one.  We will do our best to see that your comments are posted promptly.


If you’re on Twitter, be sure to follow @SCBWIMichigan, our official Twitter feed. We post regularly about upcoming events, retweet relevant posts from agents, editors, art directors, and writing blogs. We also regularly help our Michigan members increase their Twitter reach by retweeting their posts, and by making “follow” suggestions on our feed.


You can find us on Instagram at scbwi_michigan
Michigan illustrators can connect at scbwimichiganillustrators – there, we feature local illustrators and also share illustration events in the region. Don’t forget to tag us when you share any of your children’s book news, art, or events at #scbwi_michigan and #scbwimichiganillustrators.


We also have a blog called The Mitten. There is a link over there in the purple right-hand column. We post great articles on industry news, craft-related advice, interviews with our members, and we feature art from our members as well. You’ll also find information on upcoming events with the Michigan chapter, and nonSCBWI events throughout the state. This blog replaces our former newsletter, which was released quarterly. The blog updates several times a month, so we’re much more timely and relevant, which is so important in an ever-changing children’s lit world.


For professional connections, you may want to try the SCBWI group on Linked In where you can connect with other SCBWI members throughout the country and learn about writing and illustrating opportunities for freelancers. *Note that this is not a Michigan-specific group, but is open to any SCBWI member.


Facebook: here is the link to our SCBWI-MI page where we share important information about events, member blogs, book launches–all things of interest to our members.


SCBWI’s Blueboard is an online message and chat room open to every member around the world. It is a vast resource for learning about the industry, finding critique groups, getting a critique, etc. An active, vocal, helpful community exists there.  You’ll want to join in the conversation.

Michkids Listserv: “MichKids” is an online community hosted by the Michigan chapter of SCBWI. On the listserv, published and pre-published children’s writers and illustrators share ideas, insights, and experiences with one another to learn more about our business and craft. Subscribe to Mich-Kids to be part of the state-wide conversation about writing and illustrating, share individual news, and be notified of upcoming events.


Subscription to MichKids is free and open to any SCBWI member with a primary Michigan home address. MichKids is a Google Group.

To join MichKids,

  1. — Send an email to our listserv manager, Mary Rudzinski at
  2. — Type “SUBSCRIBE MichKids” in the subject line of your email.
  3. — In the body of the email, provide your name, address, city, zip code, and expiration date of membership as listed with SCBWI. Be sure to use the email address you used for your SCBWI membership.

Once your SCBWI membership is confirmed, you will receive an invitation to join our listserv through the email provided. You will also receive a welcome message with subscription options and information designed to help you participate.

If you do not receive the invitation within a week or so, check your spam mailbox. If you have not received the invitation at all, please contact Mary Rudzinski, mrudzin@gmail again.


*What is a Listserv?

A listserv is an automatic online mailing list where participants share a common interest. Members/Subscribers send messages to a single email address, and the “host” (in this case, Google Groups) forwards these messages to all other subscribers.

A listserv community is similar to writing one postcard, putting one address and one stamp on it, and having your postcard immediately delivered to an entire community of people. Subscribers may reply via the list, or privately, or not at all. Anything sent to the common address can be viewed by all who subscribe.


If you need to unsubscribe, send an email to

Emily Post(ing) on Netiquette for Listservs like MichKids

by Kim Marie Wood

Emily says: “It is generally impolite to type with the CAPS LOCK on. While it may be easier for those less proficient at the keyboard, it is not polite to SHOUT!”

Emily also says: “An individual’s signature file should never be longer than the message they post. Minimally, it should include the sender’s name, city and email address.”

Emily recommends: “Stop and check the To field before hitting the send button. Don’t suffer needless embarrassment by sending a private post to the entire list.”

Emily strongly urges: “When replying to a message, don’t automatically include the entire last post. Snip and include only pertinent pieces.”

And finally, Emily offers this advice: “Always make sure the subject line reflects the message content. And if the related messages spin off in another direction, alter the subject line appropriately.”

For listserv issues or concerns, please contact our Listserv Administrator at

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